Winston Kalengo
AGE: 29

In 2003 a young striker scored twice for Zanaco as they over came Roan United 2-1 in a Week 13 match  first goals for Zanaco in a Week 13 match. That young striker was Winstone Kalengo, and the brace goal were his first goal in the ZSL. Winston went on to score 9 goals goals in the 2003 season as a young striker with competition from the big name Zanaco strikers of Rotson Kilambe, Edward Kangwa and Cosmas Banda.

In 2004 with increased competition he only scored 4 goals for Zanaco.

He surprisingly he did not get much of a run in 2005 and didn’t score a goal though he still ended up a champion as Zanaco ran out winners of the ZSL.

Winstone Kalengo’s break out year was in 2006 when he scored 28 goals in all competitions with 16 league goals to become the ZSL Top scorer and take Zanaco to another title and also his second straight title.

After that feat Kalengo did not have it that easy as he averaged 5 goals a season between 2007 and 2010. Kalengo still managed to win one more title with Zanaco in 2009. In 2011 Kalengo joined ZSL Ndola giants Zesco United, by this time he had scored 52 goals in 7 seasons with Zanaco.

Kalengo hit the ground running at Zesco United scoring on debut in Week 1 in a 2-0 win over Kabwe Warriors. Kalengo went to finish the season on 8 goals though Zesco did not win the ZSL title.

In 2012 Kalengo hit a snag as he went back to his Zanaco days were he struggled for goals, scoring only 5 that season.

2013 was an extremely good year for Kalengo, Scoring 13 ZSL goals which is his second highest goal scoring feat. Zesco United couldn’t win the title though as Nkana won it in an enthralling title race that lasted till the last day.

Kalengo’s last goal of the season was against Nkana in Week 29 which took him to 78 goals which is an unprecedented goal tally since 2004.


Kalengo is the leading scorer in ties between Zesco United and Zanaco, kalengo has scored 12 times in these ties with 6 goals for each team.

Another very intriguing statistic about Kalengo is that he has only lost in 3 matches that he has scored in! Yes, just 3!!! In a career stretching over 9 years!!! And Kalengo’s teams have won 52 matches in which he has scored in and drawn 6 matches. To put it simply into numbers if Kalengo scores there is an 85% chance that his team will win! So both Zanaco and Zesco United have won most of the games he has scored in.

Ironically though, Kalengo’s first loss in a match that he had scored in came against Forest Rangers in 2005 which also happened to be the match that broke Zanacos 40 game unbeaten league record that stretched back to 2004!


Profiling a great striker like Winstone Kalengo was an easy choice. Firstly he has had longevity in the game that most other players only dream of, 9 years of the ZSL and entering into number 10. His 78 goals speak volumes. Scoring more than 50 goals is a feat that escapes most strikers during their entire careers.

Kalengo’s strength in the box and acceleration when he is next to a defender is extremely impressive, and on one on one situation’s with a goalkeeper trust Kalengo to bury the ball past the keeper most of the time. Kalengo does have weaknesses though; he rarely tracks back and loves to drift to the wings sometimes leaving his team with no options in the middle.

All in all, with the highs and lows of playing in the ZSL, Winston has given many a fan a smile with his performances and his 11 years of nonstop goal scoring action should only serve as a testimony for hundreds of younger players.

We are yet to see what Kalengo will have in store for us as Zesco United prepare for the 2014 season as well as begin on a quest to qualify for the group stage of the Confederations Cup.

So why the tag ” King of the Hill”?

Well Imagine that all the goals in the ZSL from 2004 to date were gathered and piled up, they would probably make quite a hill wouldn’t they? And Kalengo with his highscoring feat would be resting preety at the top of that hill.

All that can be said at the end of the day is Cheers for keeping us entertained Kalengoal!