City of Lusaka is undoubtedly the biggest community club in the country and earns revenue which no other Club in Zambia earns through the renting of its Woodlands Stadium for football matches, Music Concerts and other events.

Formed before independence the club won its only title in the early 1960s under the leadership of former England International Jackie Sewell who was the player coach.

Picture of Jackie Sewell on his Autobiography

Picture of Jackie Sewell on his Autobiography

City with a mixture of Black and white players mesmerized the Lusaka crowds. Rather ironic that the teams Colors are Black and White stripes.

Picture of City of Lusaka's Squad in 2008 taken by Jean Mandela

Picture of City of Lusaka’s Squad in 2008 taken by Jean Mandela

City of Lusaka initially built Woodlands Stadium before independence and planned to improve on the structure in phases modifying it but nothing much has been improved upon except relaying of the surface between the 1970s and the 1980s.

Since the 1990s the Club has lurched from problem to problem, from failure to paying players to two rival club executives and an embarrassing incident of one of the teams Captains using the Club Changing room as his home.

In the mid 2000s there was an attempt to build a Shopping Mall to help sustain the clubs finances but the deal fell through.

In terms of players City have been one of the most accommodating clubs in Zambia and has had many Races playing for it and different Nationalities.

Some of City of Lusaka’s most Famous players include Jackie Sewell once the worlds most expensive player, Mohammed Seedat, Boyd Mulwanda, Joel Kabemba among others. Currently City has a number of Congolese in its team.

The City of Lusaka Club house which was exclusive and only Judges, top business men and other high flying members of Zambian society had access to has now been literally turned into a Den and has lost its once Glamarous look.

Citys Woodlands Stadium is still used by 3 Zambian Super League clubs and the stadium also plays host to Music concerts and other events making City one of the few clubs in Zambia which actually generate steady revenue every month.

Though somehow this income is not translating to on field success at the club nor has the club improved on the stadium structures.

City used to play before thousands of fans but since the 1990s can now hardly attract 100 fans now but it does have some Die Hard fans who include the popular Kenny Magrosa who shouts the entire match when City is playing.

City of Lusaka during a match at Woodlands Stadium

City of Lusaka during a match at Woodlands Stadium

City last played in the Zambia Super League in 2009 and are currently in the bottom half of the Division 1 South and it remains to be seen whether the team will survive relegation.

Questions are being asked if the club can ever be revived to what it once was.